Pictures of Amy at the Resort (Cleavage Warning)

Pictures of Amy at the Resort (Cleavage Warning)

Golf Course

Amy checking out the golf course behind our room.

I just wanted to add a bit about our stay at the resort out near Palm Springs before going on.  We had the kids, and in the same room as us, so this was a very family oriented holiday.  Quite spontaneously entered into, as I believe Amy as already pointed out.

In the Tube

Almost all I saw of her for two days.

Amy’s first time in a “Lazy River” style of water ride.  She’s never been to a real waterpark – seems rather tragic!  Anyway, she likes to ride low in the water and shut out the distractions – whereas I’m always riding high on the tube and looking to cause trouble.


Amy thinks this picture is redundant – she thinks nobody wants to see another cleavage shot of her.

Turned out to be a great adventure for all of us, a mini holiday with lots of water time.

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