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Pictures of Amy at the Resort (Cleavage Warning)

Amy checking out the golf course behind our room. I just wanted to add a bit about our stay at the resort out near Palm Springs before going on.  We had the kids, and in the same room as us, so this was a very family oriented holiday.  Quite spontaneously entered into, as I believe Amy as already pointed out. Almost all I saw of her for two days. Amy’s first time in a “Lazy River” style of water ride.  She’s never been to a real waterpark – seems rather tragic!  Anyway, she likes to ride low in the water…

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Amy at Burning Man

This is a quick shot of Amy at Burning Man. She’s drenched.  One of the ways people shower and cool off here is to follow one of the dust abatement trucks that sprinkle water on the temporary roads, and run behind in the spray. Here you can see her after chasng after a truck, and returning much cooler, and thoroughly soaked.

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New Orleans Redux

We are in New Orleans for a few days, our first time back for more than two years (the early trip is documented in our blog archives).  It’s different this time. We are here with another man. Our teenage son. Bwahahahahaha.   By the way, I didn’t mean to go all “O. Henry” on you in my last post.  I originally planned NOT to say that it was my sister we had dinner with.  But I realized that a) it’s just too cool not to mention, and b) the odds of her ever reading this are infinitely small.  I will…

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