Bring It On Home

I was away from home on business for a week, the longest Richard and I have ever been apart. Luckily I was really busy, or I would have spent all my time pining. I think maybe Richard was pining the whole time.  🙂

I came home very late at night and it was heavenly to be swooped up in his big, strong arms. He drove me home from the airport and I chattered at him about every single thing that happened on the trip and then nuzzled up against his shoulder and told him over and over again how much I missed him. He didn’t chatter like I did, but he didn’t let go of me during the entire drive, stroking my hair or holding my hand or just resting his hand on my knee the whole way home.

We got home way past my bedtime. He took me by the wrist and led me up the stairs to bed. We climbed into bed and he hooked his arm  around my waist and pulled me against him, just like he always does. But it was a shock, because I’d spent a week going where I wanted to go and doing what I wanted to do. I actually had to remind myself that he has the right to do that.

A minute later he pulled my arm to the side and began fondling my breasts. I was tired and my breasts were tired so I tried to pull away. He pinned my hand over my head – the other was under my body – and began handling my breasts more roughly.

I said “Gosh I think I forgot what it feels like to be owned. It’s been a whole week and it feels odd to have you just move me around like that.”

He laughed; he thinks it’s funny that I sometimes need to be reminded that I’m submissive. He says he always feels dominant, that it never changes.

He rolled me over on my back and started playing with me in earnest. I struggled a little, but he pinned me down with his lips on mine. It’s hard to describe how he does it, but he has a way of holding my head completely still with one hand as he ravishes my mouth…it’s scary but very, very sexy.

He reached down and twisted a nipple – hard. I squealed and he slapped my breast and then slapped it again.

Oh why why do I find that so sexy? My hips started moving of their own accord. His hand slid down to my hip bone and then my pussy and I ground against him.

He shifted position and then slapped my breast again but harder. I tried to pull away but I couldn’t move. He hit it several times and then he switched to the other breast and slapped it hard.

I cried out. He had never hit me this hard before and it really hurt. “Daddy, please. Don’t.”

He pulled back and slapped me on the cheek. Three times, hard, and then pressed his mouth against mine again as he roughly tormented my breasts.

I gasped and struggled to break away. It was overwhelming. The struggling made him more ferocious and he slapped my breasts and my cheeks again and again until I was sobbing and begging and then I couldn’t speak and only cried.

Then he pushed away and leaned over me. As he shoved his cock into me I was relieved that he was going to fuck me because I didn’t want him to hurt me anymore. I looked up at him through my tears and his eyes were dark and I saw no mercy. I sobbed and clung to him as he rode me and came in me.

He rolled off and yanked me toward him, grabbed my breasts in his hands, and growled “cum”. I did, quickly and so hard, still crying.

After I came, he pulled me close and I tucked into his armpit. He told me I was his good little girl and he loved me and was proud of me and had missed me so much.

The next day I followed him around like a puppy. I couldn’t bear to be out of his sight and wanted to touch him constantly.

I still feel confused about the whole thing.