As I was saying…

As I was saying…

As I was saying, our trip to Burning Man proved to be quite interesting, and yet was the beginning of a very rough time for Amy.  We’ve been absent for a time here, largely due to health issues – Amy’s had a brutal year for migraines.  This kept her off her computer as much as possible, and writing for this blog suffered because of that.

We’re still together, (and how!) but the D/s over the past year has been greatly tempered by these health issues.  Basically, we couldn’t play as hard as we used to, or at least I didn’t want to – She had a lot going on, and I certainly didn’t want to wake her up in the middle of the night for her proper usage, when she had so little pain free sleep as it was.

It took almost a year, but we found a way to mitigate the migraines.  And so life is returning to where it once was.

We’ve talked about whether we should post here again – it so many ways it seems we’ve said all we have to say, but maybe there’s still more.  The past time in the wilderness is probably worth a post, but not yet.  Not by me anyway.

We want to move in a new direction, to keep things interesting for ourselves, and anyone still reading this.  We’re branching out.

I’ll write more about that next time.

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