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    I couldn’t find a collar for Amy that I liked, so I decided we didn’t need to put a lot of energy into it, since the collar was only a symbol. But Amy found one that worked perfectly for us, and the other day I mentioned to her that I was very aware of when she had it on, and that I liked putting it on her, etc. “Oh,” she responded.  “I thought you said you didn’t care about those things.” I considered a moment, and then said “I guess I was wrong.” “Oh” said Amy, tragically NOT considering for a moment.  “Which time?”

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    Trust And Total Power Exchange

    Richard is lying next to me, sleeping. Usually he works on his laptop while I nap (I need more sleep than him), so it is a rare treat to be able to watch him while he’s sleeping. He is the handsomest man in the world. I really do need to take some pictures of him for the blog, so that you can all agree with me. Today we went to Costco to get some things for an upcoming weeklong camping trip and to pick up prescriptions – migraine meds for me and an Epi-pen for Richard, who has an amazingly serious allergy to shrimp. We had a huuuge cart that…

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    Submitting To Reality

    I am lying on the couch while Richard plays Blokus with the kids. We just had a lovely dinner – grilled tri-tip, green beans and baked potatoes, and then a carrot cake that I baked on the grill (whee! that was an adventure!). I have a migraine. As some of you know, I had an almost constant headache from mid-December to mid-May. Since then, I’ve had a migraine about once every 3 to 4 weeks, and it only lasts a day or so. But this week I’ve been having recurring headaches and migraines, like earlier in the year. I’ve also been moody and sad pretty regularly. I think it’s hormonal.…

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    Sir Lord Master Slave beater

    Richard said that is going to be his new name. I have to refer to him at all times as “Sir Lord Master Slavebeater”. Without laughing, mind you. I told Richard that I’m going to start collecting things he says like this (a constant occurrence) and post them under “Richardisms”. Hope y’all are having a great day. We’re about to go for a long walk. Yesterday we had a wonderful picnic and watched the sun set on the beach while our dogs gamboled around us. I love summer! xoAmy

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    Pictures Of Amy At The Resort (Cleavage Warning)

    Amy checking out the golf course behind our room. I just wanted to add a bit about our stay at the resort out near Palm Springs before going on.  We had the kids, and in the same room as us, so this was a very family oriented holiday.  Quite spontaneously entered into, as I believe Amy as already pointed out. Almost all I saw of her for two days. Amy’s first time in a “Lazy River” style of water ride.  She’s never been to a real waterpark – seems rather tragic!  Anyway, she likes to ride low in the water and shut out the distractions – whereas I’m always riding…

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    Pets And Training

    A lot of things happen to me on our stairwell. Richard has grabbed me and fucked me there a few times, and photographed me (including I think the first pic of me posted on this blog, right before a spanking, and one in my “wiggle dress”). A couple of days ago we were walking down it, having a discussion about my collar, and I got in trouble right there on the stairs (Richard is planning to write about this, so I won’t say anything else about it.) Anyway. I was walking down the stairs yesterday morning, to make coffee and get the newspaper for Richard. The dogs were tumbling around…

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    Our Second Life

    Hi everybody!  Thanks for the good wishes from everyone who responded to Richard’s last post.  And thanks to poor Megan, who ended up minding the fort for us during our extended absence.  Since she was the last one to write a post, all of the questions about “where are you?’ ended up in her email inbox. The past year was very challenging for me, and I don’t know how I would have survived it (truly) without Richard’s love and caretaking.  As he said though, it has slowed down our BDSM play because I was in so much pain that it didn’t seem like much fun to inflict even more. But…

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    Orgasms And Megan

    Long-time readers of our blog know that my friend Megan, who had a huge impact on my blossoming as a sexual submissive, now lives far away from us with her wonderful, evil Master.  I have missed her like crazy and have been counting the minutes until we saw her this summer. We just left after spending four nights with her and her Master.  I was in seventh heaven and, as usual when I am with Megan, learned a lot about being submissive and being myself. She and Robert (her Master) pulled up to where we were staying and I ran over to their car.  Robert got out first and I…

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    I woke up early, and Amy snuggled in close under the duvet; the morning sharp and cold.  She slipped both hands around my cock, murmured something, and drifted back to sleep. We lay like this for a half hour, maybe an hour.  I enjoyed the feeling of my erection between her cool palms, and did not sleep. I planned to cum in her.  No hurry, plenty of time. I flipped her off me onto her side, facing away from me.  I placed one hand between her shoulder blades, and pushed, and with the other reached between her thighs to seize her pussy, and pulled her hips toward me.  A moment’s…

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    You Can Orgasm If You Cum Before I Count To Ten.

    “You can orgasm if you cum before I count to ten. Amy hates that. Hates hates hates hates hates hates hates hates hates hates hates hates it. Or so she says. Personally, I think it’s kind of fun. She’s all agitated, and writhing, and begging for permission to cum, and then I give her permission. Sort of.  It’s permission with a proviso. And to hear her reaction, you’d think I’d done her a disservice.  Gratitude?  Oh no – It’s all “Bad Man this,” and “Bad Man that,” and “No no no no no no no”  “That’s not enough time,” and similar sounds of protest and unhappiness that are, quite frankly,…

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